How To Manage An Entitled Employee Situation

How To Manage An Entitled Employee Situation

Employees are entitled to some things at work. For instance, persons have to be given breaks periodically throughout the day. Also, in some occupations workers are only allowed to work for so many hours. However, that is not the type of employee entitlement that will be discussed in this article. Don't fret if you don't understand where the post is going as everything will be explained thoroughly here.

The type of entitled employees that can be troublesome for companies are those that feel as if they should be awarded for just for showing up. They might attempt their duties half-heartedly, or they may sit around the water cooler for extended periods cracking jokes while neglecting their tasks. Business owners, regardless of how big or small the organization is, tend to frown on such behavior. The proprietors put everything on the line each and every day. The last thing they need on their plate is to be paying somebody who is not willing to put forth the effort to help the company succeed.


How Can A Boss Avoid Such A Fate?

For whatever reasons, millennials grew up believing they were entitled to this and that. As this new generation of employees began entering the workforce, the entitlement followed. They assume they should make more money, get bonuses and other rewards regularly, and even be allowed to set their own hours. Heck, who doesn't want that? However, that is not the way life operates. If every organization let their employees do as they please, there would be no place left to work as most of the businesses would likely go bankrupt. Therefore, bosses must think outside of the box to deal with entitlement, and it all starts with the hiring process.


A Couple Of Questions To Ask During The Interview

It is expensive for organizations to hire and train people. They are putting an investment in that person, and if things don't work out, the company is simply out of that money and back to square one. Hence, it is a good idea when interviewing to ask questions such as...

  • Have You Ever Made A Major Mistake?
  • Have You Ever Failed At An Endeavor, And What Did You Learn From The Experience?

If a candidate answers that they have never made a mistake or failed at anything, it is probably best to steer clear of hiring the applicant. After all, nobody is perfect, and every human makes errors or fails from time to time. Also, should the individual explain the blunder only to turn around and try to blame it on someone else, they are likely not the right fit either.

Consider Investing In A Recruiting Software Solution

These screening tools find potential employees that closely match the profiles of your most esteemed agents. How? Well, the entity creates online exams that assess items such as culture fit, cognitive skills, and personality factors. Then, an algorithm is designed, based on your company's current employees, to find the best possible candidate. Making this investment can be a wise choice at it will help weed out those with entitlement issues.

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