Useful Advice For Suppressing A Worker's Sense Of Entitlement

Useful Advice For Suppressing A Worker's Sense Of Entitlement

The workforce, once full of baby-boomers, those person's born between 1946 and 1964, came from a different era. They were hard working individuals that put forth their best effort every day to (1) keep their jobs and (2) to provide for their families. Then, children from Generation X grew up and became part of the labor force. The years for this particular group are a bit sketchy as some claim they are from between 1964 to 1979, while others believe it cuts off somewhere in the early 80s.

Regardless, these persons were still hard working and dedicated workers. Now, as many of the baby boomers are reaching retirement age, a new class or breed of employees, if you will, are being ushered into the working party, millennials. They were raised from the early 80s to 1999. Many of them are energetic, enthusiastic, and driven, but at the same time, some have a sense of entitlement. That is not to say that there are no Gen X-ers or baby boomers with the same feelings, but it is often found more in millennials.

Nip Employee Entitlement In The Bud By Setting Clear Expectations

Workers don't always abide by company/manager standards. Some of them feel as if they can ease up here or there and somebody else will pick up their slack. Heck, there are employees that may even skip out early every day. The possibilities are endless as to what people may attempt to do when they have a sense of entitlement. However, bosses can combat the acts by setting clear expectations. For instance, they need to tell their employees things such as...

  • All Workers Must Show Up When The Door's Open At 9 And Stay Until Operations Cease At 5

  • It is Expected That Every Worker Grows Their Client Base By 5-Percent Each Quarter

  • Your Productivity And Efficiency Needs To Be Improve Within 3 Months

Inappropriate Behaviors Must Have Consequences

Gen X-ers and millennials alike didn't all get parental supervision 24/7. It wasn't necessarily the fault of the parents' as they had to work to make end's meet, but still, the lack of guidance often allowed the children to do as they please. Leaders can't sit back and simply let employees do whatever they want while walking all over them. Instead, there must be consequences for people leaving early, continually not meeting deadlines, and more. So, put your foot down by issuing write-ups, suspending workers, or even firing them when necessary.  

Make The Reward System Unpredictable And Creative

Many, many employees feel as if they should be given an award or prize merely for showing up in the morning. Of course, this is unacceptable. For example, a boss may want to thank his or her workers for their hard work. Thus, he or she brings in doughnuts for breakfast three days in a row. It would come as no surprise for one of today's employees to demand to know where the tasty pastries are on the fourth day. So, mix it up and keep them guessing as to when or what type of reward they might get. This action should stop an agent's sense of entitlement in its tracks.

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