Where Have All Your Customers Gone?

Where Have All Your Customers Gone?

A lot of times a business will start out strong and gather a big following of customers and clients, but then that customer list will start to shorten until what started as a flood ends as a trickle.  You always have to expect some drop in customers after the novelty of a new business wears off, but after that you should be able to keep up a regular stream of commerce as old customers return and new customers discover your products or services.  So what has to happen for your business to dry up completely?

Dated Or Disappointing Products

If your business is a restaurant, you have to keep coming out with new menu items so you can reach out to new customers and delight your regulars with something even better than before.  If you run a high-tech business, you need to keep up with modern technology and incorporate all the features and the interface systems that the market demands.  If your business doesn’t offer anything unique or anything better than what customers will find elsewhere, then no one will have a reason to buy from you.

Poor Customer Service

Customer service can come both before and after a purchase.  Before a purchase your customer service and sales staff should be polite, answer questions as completely as possible, and be honest about what your product or service can and can’t do.  After a purchase your staff should still be polite and help the customer make the most of a purchase, fix any problems they may have, and always respond as quickly as possible.  A good product can still fail if your customers experience bad support.

Bad Marketing Tactics

If you want customers to choose your products and services, then they need to know that you’re an option.  You could make the greatest tacos your city has ever seen, but if you make them in an unmarked van outside of town then nobody is going to know they’re there.  You’ll also have trouble if you only advertise your denture adhesive on a kid’s TV show.  Marketing means targeting the right audience, catching their attention, demonstrating why your business is unique, and building relationships to create loyal customers and boost word-of-mouth advertising.

Value Issues

The cheapest product on the market doesn’t always get the most customers.  The most expensive product on the market doesn’t always make the most profits.  Customers don’t just look for low prices, they look for the best prices that will get them the most value for their money.  If you can explain why your product costs more but does more, or why yours costs less but can still do the same things, then customers will choose your products instead of the competitions.

A business without customers is like a person without water:  not long left to live.  That’s why the Smart Business Doctor LLC diagnoses companies and shows them the remedies that will help them recover and thrive.  Contact us today to schedule your first appointment so we can find the cause of your company’s illness.

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